Restaurants in Madrid

Best TAKOS ever

Normally when we are looking for an international restaurant we try to find a place as native as possible to feel that we are truly eating the food from that country. And we know that this is the case when you see people from that country eating in those restaurants. This was exactly what happened to us in TAKOS. The place is full of Mexicans and rightly so, the tacos are finger lickin´ good. I cannot go near Plaza Mayor […]

Buns & Bones

I love the new trend (or not so new) of Asian street food that has begun in Madrid. Although many of them are franchises, I have to accept that the food is very good. One of them is “Buns & Bones”. We tried it by chance one day walking around the Reina Sofia area. The buns were delicious, the place is tiny but it is fine for a quick meal with your couple (I do not recommend it for groups). […]

El Mandela

El Mandela is a sub-Saharan African restaurant, where you can taste dishes of traditional African cuisine, as well as support the great social project they develop. They train and employ young Africans in their restaurant for a maximum period of two years, so that after learning a trade, they will be integrated into labor market. Their objective is not lucrative, but of course they look for economic sustainability to be able to train and give work to young Africans, and […]

El Telégrafo

it has a decoration that simulated a boat in the inside and the food and the hospitality deserved 5 star, but as expected their prices were high, but really worth it.

Goiko Grill

They offer an incredible variety of burgers with different combinations that I would have never thought it would be so good.

Habanera Restaurant

Habanera is a restaurant of Larrumba group (owners of Marieta, Juanita Cruz, Perrachica, etc.). It has a colonial cuban style with a latin Spanish fusion menu. Delicious choice.

La Rochela

I have to confess that this meal was planned to enjoy the promotion of ElTenedor, that throughout September gives you 750 Avios (Iberia plus miles) for every reservation you make (normally it’s just 250 Avios). To me it´s all about miles. So, by looking into all the places ElTenedor has, I found this Colombian restaurant that has very good rate. We went with friends and ordered mixed portions of cassava, shredded meat, chicken, fried plantains and Colombian potatoes, shrimp ceviche, […]

La T Gastrobar

I went with some friends, and we tried the Butterfish Cous Cous; the Beetroot, Apple and Walnut Ravioli; the Teriyaki Tuna with Mango in Textures and the Burger. All excellent and with adequate portions for a nice dinner.

Mamá Chicó

This restaurant had a few months on my list, and without planning, one day I was in that area and decided to check my map of restaurants to see where to eat. That’s how I ended up in Mamá Chicó. We ate a artisan pizza, half of Vitello Tonnato with arugula and half of Boletus, truffle with ricotta, parmesan and arugula. It was spectacular, I think I could say that Vitello Tonnato’s pizza is one of the best pizzas I’ve […]

Nuria Ethiopian Restaurant

We had no idea what the traditional Ethiopian food was, but as always, we love to taste new flavors and this time we were very lucky. In addition to the excellent attention, the food was delicious and at a good price. We were a large group and ordered 2 tasting menu to share which included: Sambuse, Fatira or other to choose. Special Doro Special Thermal Al Mandai Vegetarian Special It´s impossible to me to explain the flavour of these meals. […]


A very “fusion” restaurant but we liked it. There were four of us and we ordered the “Armonnía II” to share, which includes: Padron poppers, baby chalupa, eggplant sashimi, one two three malasaña dish, quekas, flutes of sea ox, wings of light flight, pope francisco and soda of yarirobe (this is me trying to translate the menu) for 61,5 €. Looking for plans for the weekend? here I leave a restaurant that we liked a lot. Web: Address: Calle Apodaca, […]

PICSA Argentinas

The chefs in PICSA managed to recreated my grandma’s fat and fluffy pizzas that are actually better to eat between two people. They also give you the option of ordering half a pizza of one type and the other half of another type, in case you want to try more than one pizza.

Raro Rare

Last Sunday I had tickets to go to a yoga class at El Rincon de la Avena, in Malasaña. A pop up cafe of Quaker that will be open until October 30th (2017), offering brunch, cakes, smoothies, sandwiches and oatmeal in all its presentations. Also, they have talks, workshops and yoga classes, all for free. Everything looked delicious, but as I am intolerant to oatmeal we decided to try Raro Rare restaurant. This is what my friend and I ordered: […]

Tasty Poke

Poke is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer or main dish in Hawaiian cuisine. The guys from Tasty Poke created a fusion version including the rice that the Japanese use for sushi. So, you choose a base (rice, quinoa, mixed), then a protein (salmon, corvina, tuna, tofu), choose the toppings (avocado, edamame, wakame, pomegranate, mango, pineapple, asparagus, etc.) and finally you choose between their 4 sauces. The truth is that we went with low expectations and ended up […]

Yakuza Sushi

About 15-20 years ago, “Japanese” restaurants began to appear in Venezuela offering the typical seaweed salad, sashimi, etc., but they also offered venezonalized sushi rolls. I mean, rolls with Venezuelan style: a lot of sauces, plantain, avocado, super tasty toppings, etc. Of course I do not consider this as Japanese food, but regardless of its origin, I find that this style of rolls is divine. To my surprise, they recently opened a restaurant of “Venezuelan sushi” (as I call it) […]