Bella Ispirazione

Goiko Grill

Once again, after trying at different places, I have found one of the best restaurants in MAdrid: GOIKO GRILL.

The best part is that you can choose the type of meat (cow, chicken, VEGAN) and the size. They offer an incredible variety of burgers with different combinations that I would have never thought it would be so good. Like the one I ordered, CAMBURGER, that had banana, rum emulsion (D.O.C Venezuela) and grilled goat cheese. I’m honestly not in to combining sweet and salty meals, but this one was amazing.

They also have “tequeños“, a traditional cheese wrapped in dough and fried from Venezuela and venezuelan  beer.

Book before going:

c/María de Molina, 16

+34 910 17 76 98

c/Conde de Peñalver, 41

+34 910 223 734

c/General Perón, 16.

+34 910 239 421

Have you been in Goiko Grill? Did you like it?

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