Bella Ispirazione

El Mandela

El Mandela is a sub-Saharan African restaurant, where you can taste dishes of traditional African cuisine, as well as support the great social project they develop. They train and employ young Africans in their restaurant for a maximum period of two years, so that after learning a trade, they will be integrated into labor market.
Their objective is not lucrative, but of course they look for economic sustainability to be able to train and give work to young Africans, and the benefits obtained by the restaurant are reinvested in the creation and improvement of the employment quality of these young people.

After this introduction, I have to add that the food was delicious and service was also great. We ordered zebra and papaya carpaccio, crocodile and mango croquettes, ndolé with meat, yassa and mango cheese cake. 


Address: Calle Independencia, 1, 28013, Madrid

Metro: Opera

Price: 25-30 euros 


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