Around Madrid

A day in Toledo

It´s a beautiful day trip that you can do from Madrid to visit this city which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986.

Alcalá de Henares

As Toledo is a must if you come to Madrid, I’ll also recommend going to Alcalá de Henares if you have an extra day while visiting Madrid. This is a city with more than 2000 years of history, where its University and historic quarter have been declared World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO in 1998. It is also the homeland of one the most important figure in the Spanish literature: Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616). He is universally admired for his masterpiece: […]

Balloon ride over Segovia

Yesterday I had one of the best birthday gifts I ever had: a balloon ride. A few years ago, when I had not yet come to live in Europe, I thought that balloons no longer existed, that they were from the past. I know, very naive of me, but I really did not think you could still ride in one, until a friend told me she did and it seemed incredible to me. I imagine that at some point I […]

Berceas, Sierra de Madrid

As we are one of the few who stay in Madrid in the summer, we try to make fun plans for the weekend. So we decided to spend the day in Berceas, a park in the Pinar de Las Dehesas with pools and a bar, because even if you have a pool at home, the good view of the mountains and the pool with river water make the difference.

Bodegas Portia

To change the typical Sunday on the sofa, we booked a tour + lunch in Bodegas Portia (winery), designed by Norman Foster, and determined by some experts as the most beautiful in the world.

Brihuega Lavender Fields

I heard about this place at the beginning of this year (2017) and I was impressed by how close it´s from Madrid and how little known it is. At first I thought I was looking at pictures from The Provence (France), but no, it´s Brihuega, a little town in Guadalajara, 97km from Madrid, where carpets of lavender bloom every year. So, I didn’t hesitate in programming alarms everywhere to make sure I didn’t forget to go there when lavender blooms. […]

Canyoning in Cuenca

Last weekend we decided to try canyoning for the first time, in an area of Spain that every time we like more and more: CUENCA. We booked the activity very easily through, paying 10€ per person and then 25€ per person on the day of the activity (special offers for groups over 8). We drove for around 183km from Madrid till the Júcar Aventura base, which is in the village of Villalba de la Sierra and a few minutes from […]


A wonderful option for a day trip from Madrid is to go to Cuenca (around 170km apart). This World Heritage city, since 1996, is amazingly beautiful.

Day trip to Brihuega and Cívica

Guadalajara is a spanish province full of charming and historic towns, beautiful natural surroundings and where good food and hospitality are other attractions. Specifically the Alcarria is an area of ​​this province plagued by grandiose natural landscapes and a rich historical heritage, such as churches, palaces and civil architecture of different styles. One of the towns of Alcarria is the monumental Brihuega, on the bank of the river Tajuña, declared Historic Artistic Complex. You can easily plan a day trip to it […]

Presillas and Segovia

This weekend we decided to go to the natural pools in Rascafría, Sierra de Madrid. We were planning on leaving Madrid around 8:00am, but we ended up hitting the road at 10:00am. However, we found a nice parking spot and a little space on the grass to lie down in the sun.