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Canyoning in Cuenca

Last weekend we decided to try canyoning for the first time, in an area of Spain that every time we like more and more: CUENCA.

We booked the activity very easily through, paying 10€ per person and then 25€ per person on the day of the activity (special offers for groups over 8).

We drove for around 183km from Madrid till the Júcar Aventura base, which is in the village of Villalba de la Sierra and a few minutes from the gorge. Once in there, the canyoning started at 10:30am descending the Júcar Gorge with the neoprene and helmet they gave us in the base. Even though it is July, the water was freezing, so the neoprene is a necessity.

In this natural water park we climbed rocks, descended slides, jumped into natural pools, jacuzzi and waterfalls.  I highly recommend it for those who are seeking to release adrenaline but are not used to high difficulty extreme sports.

Level of Difficulty:

In their web they say it´s valid for all levels and that canyoning in Cuenca does not require previous experience. I can confirm this, plus you also have the option to take an easier path or not to jump at all if you are too scared, although the guide will probably try to encourage you to do it because it is worth it.

They also mention that the minimum age is 6-8, but I believe only a few kids of those ages can really do it. I guess it will depend on how adventured the kid is.

Time and duration of the activity:

They usually offer 2 options: at 10:00 and 16:00, but when making the reservation they will confirm you the exact time of your departure.

The complete activity lasts about 3 to 4 hours.

Minimum group:

No minimum group is required for canyoning.

What does it includes?

Seland Neoprene (5 mm), scarves, helmet, qualified guides, safe (accident and rescue), photographic reporting and video and free pool access in the base.



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