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Day 10: From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

We left our hotel in Las Vegas around 9:00am to have breakfast in Ihop (pancakes) because the restaurant in our hotel looked depressing, and it was next to the casino that smelled like an ashtray.

We took our time to have our breakfast because today we are only visiting the Hoover Dam and driving to Grand Canyon (Tusaya city). Also we wanted to plan the rest of the trip while taking our coffee.

So, at about 11:30am we were in Hoover Dam (free entry) admiring this architecture where superman was filmed in 1978.

We arrived at our hotel (Holiday Inn Express Grand Canyon) in Tusaya at 18:15, where we will stay 2 nights. Our dinner was in McDonalds, just in front of the hotel to then chill out a little bit after all the hours driving.

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