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Day 3: Baires – Calafate & Day 4: Calafate

Day 3: Baires – Calafate

It was raining a lot, so it was perfect to go visit Colon theater (booked online for 26 €, toddlers free). I loved it, the story behind it, the floors, the restorations…I heard my grandma (she was Argentinian) talk so much about this theater that I thought I wasn’t going to like it, but it’s beautiful.

From there, we walked to the Obelisco and had a coffee at Café Martinez (like a local Starbucks, but better).

After picking up our bags in the hotel, we took an Uber XL to the airport, to then find out that our flight was 2 hours delayed, which was perfect because we decided to add Puerto Madryn to the itinerary and we needed to make some changes in our later flights.

We had lunch at Hard Rock Café in the airport and then took our 3 hours flight to Calafate.

Once in Calafate, a driver from the hotel picked us up, as we asked them to (900 ARS = 17 €, cash) and took us to our nice hotel (Design Suites Calafate) where we had dinner. We also talked with the driver to do a tour with him the next day.

Day 4: Calafate (Perito Moreno)

We woke up at 6:00am, had breakfast in our hotel (delicious) and the driver picked us up at 7:30am to visit the Perino Moreno Glacier.

If you want to have someone picking you up, then do the boat trip to see some of the glaciers and finish in the Perito Moreno, there are two ways of doing it: with a regular tour offered by all the hotels or by hiring a local driver. For the three of us (+ toddler) it was a lot better to do it with the driver because you can visit Perino Moreno at your own pace. The price difference was only 400 ARS, since 3 tours was 5933 ARS = 110 € and the driver was 6600ARS = 122 €.

Besides that, you must also pay for the boat trip (4100 ARS = 76 € pp, cash in $, toddlers free) and the park entrance (800 ARS = 15 € pp, cash, toddler free). We didn’t book the boat thus we were almost left behind, so maybe it’s better to book in advance.

The boat, or the cruise as they call it, depart at 9:00am. It was very nice and clean, with bathrooms and a cafeteria where you can buy sandwiches, pantries and even whisky to try with glacier ice (they will catch a piece of ice and sell beverage with it). Outside the boat it gets super cold and windy, so be prepare for it!

With the boat, we saw different Glaciers, Upsala, Spegazini. Then we did a very small and easy trail around Bahia de Vacas, had a sandwich for lunch (included in the price) and finished the tour getting as close as possible to the Perito Moreno and disembarking on the walkways that are in front of the glacier, which is the perfect spot to see the whole glacier. These walkways have a lot of stairs, luckily, we didn’t take Martin’s trolley today and he was very good at walking all those stairs with a little help from his dad. It took us around 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete the walkways and meet our driver in the meeting point where he was waiting for us.

For dinner, we booked in advance at Isabel Cocina al Disco, which I heard is delicious, but we were all very tired and not feeling well, so we cancelled the dinner and just dined at our hotel (pizza was amazing).

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