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Day 1 & 2: Buenos Aires (Baires)

Day 1: From Houston to Baires

We arrived early in Buenos Aires (around 10:00am) and Naty’s friend, Cristian, was there to pick us up. He works as an Uber, so we arranged with him before arriving a price (1200 ARS = 22 €, cash) to go from Ezeiza airport to our hotel in downtown.

Our hotel (Le Cinque Lusso) wasn’t the best, but the price and location made it worth staying. After checking in, Cristian took us to Puerto Madero (300 ARS = 5.5 €, cash), where we ate at Siga La Vaca, an “all you can eat” Argentinian bbq restaurant that was excellent (820 ARS = 15 € pp, card). We found out later that this a very touristic restaurant and that you can eat bbq for less in other places, like La Parrilla di Carlo, but I honestly didn’t care much because I liked it anyway and it’s also in Puerto Madero, so you can walk around it after lunch, like we did to see Puente de la Mujer (Woman’s bridge).

After lunch, we walked through downtown to see La Casa Rosada, the Cathedral and Cabildo. Took an Uber to Caminito, saw La Bombonera stadium from the car and then he left us a block before Caminito and I have to say I didn’t feel safe there, luckily walked a little bit till we found the popular street of Caminito and walked around there.


For dinner, we took another Uber to Palermo and had dinner at Sans (card) with Naty’s cousin, who took us to the hotel after this long day.

Day 2: Baires

This was the designated day to see Buenos Aires, and I think we did pretty good by starting our day walking from our hotel to the Recoleta Cemetery to see Evita Peron mausoleum, then Nuestra Señora del Pilar church and Floraris Generica. All walking and free.

We then took an Uber to Jardin Japones (150 ARS = 3 €, card), which we liked it and then walked to El Rosedal, that usually is full of flowers, but it was winter.

For lunch, we wanted to try the Argentinians pizzas. There a few places that some of my friends recommended me for this, you can find them in my map. We tried El Cuartito. It was ok, but not the best, also by confusion, we ordered a pizza that had a lot of ingredients (olive, ham, onions, cheese, etc.) that wasn’t the best option. It’s better to order something simple (500 ARS = 10 € pp, card). This is also an emblematic place of Buenos Aires.

In the afternoon, my cousin (yes, we have a lot of relatives in Argentina) took us to the Tango Festival (for free) at the Usina del Arte theater. It was really cool to see the tango international champions dancing. Martin also enjoyed it very much, he was really impressed with the dancer and managed to stay seated the whole time (impressive).

For dinner, we ate at Parrilla di Carlo. A cheaper bbq place and smaller, although I still like Siga La Vaca restaurant that we tried on Day 1.

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