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Day 5: Day trip to Torres del Paine from Calafate

I couldn’t stand being so close to Torres del Paine and not going there. So, I book a day tour with Southroad (120 $ that I paid weeks before through paypal), just for myself because we though it was too much for Martin, and it was: It took me 6 hours to get to the first stop because besides that the distance in Argentina-Chile are huge, you have to go through customs in both Argentina and Chile, and since it was a tour, you have to wait for everybody to do it.  So, this was the itinerary of the day:

  • They picked me up in the hotel at 7:00am (I was the first, arghhh)
  • At 10:30am we were at Argentina’s Customs until 11:20am. Bathroom were frozen, literally, so we couldn’t use them
  • At 11:30am we were at Chile’s Customs for about 1 hour. You must pay 17$ in local currency (the tour guide exchange dollars-pesos for you). Bathrooms were working fine here. Also, there is a cafeteria where you can buy snacks and souvenirs, but it is better to pay in Argentinian pesos in cash (if you don’t have Chilean pesos) because the exchange rate for $ and € was bad. I paid 5$ for 1 bottle of water and 1 cookie
  • It took half an hour more to get to the first stop at 1:00pm: Lago Sarmiento de Gamboa. In our way we saw foxes, condors, sheep and guanacos

  • Next stop: Laguna Marga
  • Paine Waterfall

  • Bathroom at the park entrance
  • Lago de Nordenskjöld where we got to see the Paine’s horn, called like that because it has 3 peaks, although you can only see two in my pictures (one is hidden)

  • Pehoe lake lookout. We had a sandwich, a empanada and an alfajor for lunch (included in the price)
  • Small trail to a waterfall (sorry, I forgot the name) and to see again the Torres del Paine from the distance. It was only 40min walking and around 2km, very easy although they scare you in the tour’s brochure, but I think even a kid can do it

  • At 6:15pm we were back in Chile’s customs. I was back in my hotel at 9:45pm and went straight to bed, no dinner for me, I was way to tired to think about food

My opinion of this tour: the tour itself is fine, the guide was very nice, he explained everything very well, even the geology. Also, the price was reasonable. The views are beautiful (seat on the copilot side for a better view). But I think it’s just to hard to do it in one day, especially because I was sick, with a cold, and I just wanted to be in bed. I was even about to cancel the tour, but they wouldn’t reimburse the money and I’m that cheap…Also, I didn’t investigate very well and I though we would have reached the base of Torres del Paine with the lake in front, but it turned out you can only get there by doing a long trail. So, I think it would have been a lot better to save this trip to went I plan a bigger trip to Chile and do the trail to the base of Torres del Paine.

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