Bella Ispirazione

Cereal Hunter Cafe

One of the things I learned to love in the USA when I lived there was the cereal. Since then, almost every Saturday I wake up with the illusion of having cereal for breakfast, it doesn´t matter if it´s a diet cereal, I love it anyway. That’s why I decided to go and check “Cereal Hunter Cafe” in  Salamanca´s neighborhood.

They have all the cereals that you can imagine and more, besides that you can choose between several types of milk (whole, skimmed, hazelnut, sheep, etc.) and toppings (kit kat, Oreo, chips ahoy, honey, coconut grated, etc.). And lastly they have pop tarts, another of the American things that I love.

Very nice to go with kids since they have a big room downstairs. The only thing that we didn´t like was the music: rock, too heavy for a morning.


Address: Calle de Alcalá, 90, 28009 Madrid

Metro: Principe de Vergara

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