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Day 15 & 16: Page – Las Vegas – Houston (home)

We left our hotel in Page around 8:00am to go to Las Vegas.

The reason behind going to Las Vegas, beside the logistical part of catching a flight back home (flights to Las Vegas are also very cheap), is to go see Jerry Seinfeld tonight at 19:00 in the Ceasar’s Palace.

During the afternoon we drove through the Strip boulevard to see the vastness of some of the hotels, we did the checkin in our hotel, Circus Circus (I honestly don’t recommend it, but it was the cheapest we found last minute), and have an early dinner a Mott 32 (a Chinese restaurant that we liked) before going to the show.

I took the typical “Las Vegas sign” picture from our car because there was a huge line that it would have taken me at least an hour to take that picture with me.

If you ever have the chance to see Jerry Seinfeld, do it, it’s fantastic. We had an amazing time and it was also the perfect closure to this spectacular trip.

We catch our flight the next morning very early to go back home, and after having seen all the slot machines to play, I was still impressed to see these machines at the Las Vegas airport.

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