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Day 11: Day trip to Puerto Madryn from Buenos Aires

The original plan for today was to visit more of Buenos Aires, but we knew it was the perfect time of the year to see whales in Puerto Madryn (Trelew).

When Naty organized the itinerary for this trip (before I decided I was going with them), she thought it was too tight to put Puerto Madryn in. But we kept thinking about it, and checking possible alternatives while in Argentina, until we came out with the idea and also found the correct flights (aerolineas Argentinas) to go on a day trip to Trelew (closest airport to Puerto Madryn). We booked everything six days before this day (flight, car and tour).

So, the Remis we booked yesterday at Baires airport (paid by card at the airport) came to pick us up at 4:00am and we took our flight from Baires to Trelew at 5:20am. Picked up our rented car in Hertz once in Trelew (80€ for 1 day, including car seat for Martin) and drove to Puerto Madryn to have breakfast in a small place called Bonafide, just in front of the sea. Just by seating in this cafeteria, we saw some whales a couple of meters from the beach! Incredible and so excited!

At 11:30 we were receiving our safety induction from our tour guide in their office at Puerto Piramide. They asked everybody not to take any bags into the boat, only your camera, because the space is small and already with all the clothes’ layers that we must wear, our movements were limited. Nevertheless, we were lucky, and it wasn’t much cold (at least not as in the Calafate boat). Also, they warned us that there are no bathrooms in the boat and the tour last 1.5 hours, so take your precautions and pee in the office before leaving.

Anyway, to the point…the tour was INCREDIBLE! We were so lucky. Several whales surrounded our boat the whole time we were there. We got to see them from the upper deck and also below, in the submarine side. It was totally worth it, one of the best experiences I have had. I’ve been trying to see whales for a while (Australia, Angola, etc.) but none of those compared to this trip. I’m so happy we did it.

Martin loved watching the whales, but he also loved watching cars (LOL).

Around 1:45pm we were back in town, completely satisfied and ready to have lunch. We ate at Bar La Estacion, where you get a 10% for doing the boat trip. We then drove around the Valdes peninsula and stopped by the Centro de interpretación Istmo Ameghino that has a small museum where you can see the skeleton of a whale, pretty impressive.

At 6:15pm we headed to the airport, which was 1.5 hours away. We had milanesa sandwich in the airport for dinner (unexpectedly delicious and paid by card) and also were able to exchange dollars in this restaurant at a decent rate.

Our flight from Trelew to Buenos Aires was at 9:45pm, and we were at 00:15am in our hotel in Buenos Aires (Hotel Konke), after taking a taxi at the airport.

The day was incredible, and I wasn’t as tired as expected, maybe because of the excitement. But I got to say that it was hard for Martin, especially the flight back to Baires. He was tired and unable to sleep in the small airplane. He also didn’t take a proper nap during the day. I think it would have been better to stay the night in Puerto Madryn, but we didn’t do it because they had the flight back to Barcelona the next day and I had a flight to Mendoza. Anyway, I’d do it all over again, and I think Naty and Andres think the same.

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