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Day 10: Iguazu (Brazilian side) – Baires

We were a little scared because our plan for the day was to visit the falls from the Brazilian side, where we had to go through customs, and our flight back to Baires was at 3:20pm. But Guillermo made everything possible and we accomplished our goal.

He picked up us at 8:40am in our hotel. We went through Argentinian customs seating in the car, very fast. Then, on the Brazilian side we had to step out of the car, but it literally took us two minutes to be back in the car with everything ready.

At 9:30 we were already in the falls. If your card has a chip, you can buy the tickets directly from the machines outside, which is a lot faster. We paid 165 reales (38 €) for the three of us with our Mercosur passports (they never checked our passport to confirm they were Mercosur, but they were). From the entrance, we took a shuttle to the falls (it has different stops, we stayed at the first stop and walked to the end, around 1500m).

Brazilian side of the waterfalls is incredible. I can even say that I liked it more than the Argentinian side. But don’t get me wrong, the Argentina side is much bigger and has most of the waterfalls, the only reason I think Brazilian side is better is because you have all the Argentinian side jus in front of you, so the view in beyond beautiful.

The downside is that it has lots of stairs and it was very crowded close to the Garganta del Diablo, making it a little hard for our toddler that actually stayed behind with his dad.

There is also the option to drive closer to the Garganta del Diablo where there is an elevator that you can take up to walkways in front of the Garganta. That way you don’t have to walk much, you avoid the stairs and see the best part, although you missed some nice views.

BTW, none of my pictures are edited. I have never seen such a complete rainbow

At 12:30pm we were back in our hotel picking us our bags to go to the airport and at 5:20pm we were in Buenos Aires. We took a Remis at the airport (there is a stand where you can pay in card) to our hotel. We also booked and paid the Remis for tomorrow morning (590 ARS = 11 € each way).

Our hotel (Konke) was pretty decent and with a good price. It was close to the airport because tomorrow is a crazy day, you’ll see why.

We took an Uber to go to Güerrin (pizzeria). We tried mozzarella and fugazetta. Really good pizzas and very different from Italian pizzas. We then walked around Corrientes and had a dulce de leche ice cream at Cadore (100ARS = 2€, cash) before taking an Uber back to our hotel.

So, can I visit Brazilian and Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls in one trip from Buenos Aires?

You can definitely do it! we did it in 2 nights and I wouldn’t say 3 days because it was less than that. The first day you arrive late at night in Iguazu (Argentina) ans sleep there, spend all the second day visiting the Falls on the Argentinian side, sleep again in Iguazu and on the third day you visit the Brazilian side of the falls, drive back to Argentina and take your flight back to Buenos Aires at 3:20pm.

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