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Day 14-16 Drake Bay – Dominical – San Jose

From Drake Bay to Dominical

On our day 14th, we took the boat early in the morning from the bay to Sierpe town (one hour and 15$), where our car was. After one hour driving we arrived in Tropical Sands hotel in Dominical.


Our hotel also had one cat but the owner was super nice with me, hid the cat while I checked in and gave us a room upstairs where the cat will never go. Also, the hotel doesn´t have a restaurant but it has Cafe Ensueño just in front that offers excellent food.

Dominical is a small town but like the rest of the little towns in Costa Rica, it has its charms and we were glad we chosen it to spend our 15th day in Costa Rica. There are different beaches close by, all nice to surf. : Dominical, Dominicalito, playa Hermosa, etc. 



In the afternoon we had some beers and played dominó at Fuego Brewery, and then dinner at Phat Noodles. After almost two weeks eating Costarican food we were super excited about finding an Asian restaurant that turned out to be pretty good.

San Jose

On our 16th day, and after spending some time at Dominicalito beach, we left Dominical to go to San Jose. It was around three hours driving although we stopped at Jaco to have lunch.

While in San Jose we didn´t do much because we were tired and of course it was raining. We had dinner with my cousin at El Jardin, which it´s ok, and then went to sleep in our hotel.

The next day we returned our car at the airport and catch our flight back to Houston at 1:15pm.

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