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Day 12-13 Manuel Antonio Park – Drake Bay

From Manuel Antonio Park to Drake Bay

We left Manuel Antonio around 8:30am and in 1.5 hour of a lovely one lane road, with very nice views to palms and sometimes the ocean, we were at Sierpe town, exactly at the Oleaje Sereno Restaurant where you take the boat to go to Drake Bay (15$ per person, one way).

We left our car in a parking with some of our bags inside per 6$  per day. The place is very safe according to locals.

The boat trip could be a little tough because there were lots of wave when passing from the river to the sea, and then to get out of the boat in the beach (literally, no dock) for sure you will get wet, it was good that we were prepared for it and also good that we only took a small bag.

Hotel in Drake Bay

There, on the beach, was Jhonny from Finca Maresia hotel waiting for us. He took us in his car to the hotel, but when we arrived I saw two cats in the dining room of the hotel that pretty much ruined my day. It makes me very angry both with me and with the hotels in general because they should warn in there web when they have animals. What would happen if I were allergic? I know this a personal problem I have to solve, but still, hotels should warn their guests.

Luckily the hotel manager was a bit thoughtful (not 100%) and helped us find another hotel. Beside this problem, Finca Maresia looks like a pretty nice hotel and apparently the food is delicious. 

We stayed at the Margarita hotel, which is not bad. At least it has a pool and AC that doesn´t seems to be very common in the area.

Drake Bay

Corcovado National Park Tour

In Drake we stayed two nights, which I think is perfect to visit the area because Drake is a small rural town and a whole day is enough to enjoy its nature.

The second day, we woke up at 5:00am because we had to be at 5:50am on the beach ready for our tour to Corcovado National Park that we booked weeks before through Finca Maresia. The cost of the tour was 90$ per person. I think it is a little bit expensier when you book it through Finca Maresia because they make sure you have Roy as a guide, who is a biologist and super nice.

With this tour, we sail for about an hour (a little hard) to then walk with our lovely tour guide (Roy) for about four hours (super calm, no inclination) and saw four types of monkeys: spider, capuccino, howler and … don´t remember, sorry. We saw a woodpecker in all its splendor, different birds, snake, lizards, etc., and then arrived at a beautiful bungalow where we ate with other tours: burrito with vegetables, vegetarian tamale, fruit and cake. DELICIOUS.

By the time we were eating, it started to rain very hard, and since we started to walk back after lunch, I just decided to get wet and enjoy the rain. It was super humid, so even if you have a poncho or something similar, you will be wet anyway. I only made sure my camera and phone were protected.

The sail back was even harder due to the rain, but I kind of enjoyed it. We arrived in our hotel aroung 1:30pm.

Eating in Drake Bay

The first day we ate at Bahia Azul (a fish with vegetables that was espectacular to the point that I wanted to ask for the recipe) and the second day we had dinner at Carey. A few locals told us that Carey was the best option in town, but I prefer Bahia Azul.

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