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7th Day: PETRA

Yesterday left us really tired but excited for being in Petra. Today we woke up at 8:00 am, because we read that the best hours to take pictures of The Treasury are between 8:00 and 10:00 am. So, after breakfast, we went straight from our hotel walking to Petra, using the 2 day tickets we bought yesterday.

It doesn´t matter the time of the day, no picture can reflect the beauty of this site. No wonder it is one of the 7 Wonders of the World.


(4) The Treasury

(4) The Treasury

Then we climbed the mountain in front of The Treasury, following the path from Florentinus Tomb (number 12 on the map) all the way up, although afterwards there is no path, and you have to follow your instinct, thinking where The Treasury is to then see it from above in a little kiosk. To help you, locals put signs like “THE BEST VIEW”. It wasn´t easy to find the kiosk, and after we did we thought it was a private house. But no, go inside and get the actual best view of The Treasury while enjoying a Bedouin tea (take some cash with you to pay for it). Definitely one of the top moments of our “Israel-Palestine-Petra” trip. We were there over an hour, just chilling by ourselves.

nikon_dia-7_00011 nikon_dia-7_00025


The kiosk

The kiosk

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We went back down, and follow the way to number 28 (High Palace of Sacrifice). We were exhausted after all the climbing, and since it was 16:00 already (sundown is around 17:00), we decided to back to our hotel, picked up our bags, withdraw money from the ATM in the Mövenpick hotel to pay for the visa at the border and our taxi was waiting for us in front of our hotel at 16:00, as we asked him.

In 2 hours we were in Aqaba, ready to enter again in Israel. it took us around 20 minutes to cross it, we paid 50 Jordan Dinars (around 70 euros) for the Jordanian visa (yes, you pay it on your way back).

The taxi driver that took us yesterday from Eilat to the border, gave us his number and we called him after arriving to the border and he was outside waiting to take us back to our Airbnb.

With all the walking we were extremely tired, so dinner was off the table. It was a great idea to have lots of snacks in our bags to eat during the sunny day in Petra.

Tonight we sleep in Eilat, but just that, we are planning to wake up really early tomorrow to go to the north of the country.

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