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1 Day in Guilin

How to get there?

We flew from Chengdu to Guilin with Air China for 1015 Yuan. Of course the flight was delay, for almost 2 hours. We arrived at 01:00am and the Hotel sent a driver to take us.


Where to stay?

We stayed at Huanggong Garden Hotel in Yangshuo, following Alfonso Para recommendations. It is in Yangshuo, 1 hour away from Guilin airport.
We had a nice breakfast served by Gary, Sophia and their kids in the hotel (35 Yuan).
Huanggong Garden Hotel

Huanggong Garden Hotel

 What to do?

Although it was a rainy day, we walked down to Picapica Cafe and had a nice fruit juice, noodles and a chicken wrap to share. Lovely place. 293¥ 5 person.

We booked a tour with our hotel: 700¥ for the driver to go to Pingying, 480¥ for picking us at the airport, 1100¥ for 2 boats to go from Pingying to Yading, 500¥ for 2 rooms: 1 double and 1 triple. In our way to Yading through Li river, we enjoyed the mountains landscape represented in the 20 Yuan bill.

The only issue was that we paid for the boats just for us and they put more people in the boat (they were Chinese and of course paid a lot less than us). But we complained to our hotel and they returned some of the money.

Gary and his son, our hosts

Gary and his son, our hosts

PIcapica Cafe

PIcapica Cafe

_DSC0552 _DSC0570 _DSC0573


  • Take cash with you, it is not easy to find ATM around
  • Guilin Airport has only 2 places to eat: a kind  of Chinese Burger King and a local restaurant (noodles, etc.)
  • We didn´t have enough time, but there is also a night show that uses the Li River as its stage. Other tourists mentioned it was really good
  • The rice terraces are also other option to visit in Yangshuo/Guilin. All of these can be arrange from your hotel. Guilin is one of the most tourist place we visited in China


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