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3 Days in Hvar, Croatia

After spending 3 days visiting Dubrovnik, our plan was to go to Hvar and relax for a few days. It could´t have been better.


Round Tickets from Dubrovnik to Hvar by boat were 46€. We bought them 2 months before, just in case, here.

From Dubrovnik Old Town we took a taxi for 92 Croatian Kn to the port and arrived 1 hour before the departure. We had plenty of time to even have lunch before leaving Dubrovnik. But anyway take into account that the trip takes around 3 hours to get to Hvar and AC conditions are not the best. My recommendations are to get there a little early to get better seats and try to seat at the second floor where the AC works a little better (at least this summer).


Again we trusted in “airbnb” and rented a nice room with one of the best views I have ever had. Here is the link in case you want to stay in a peaceful place.

From the port to our house it was less than 5 minutes walking and if you stay in Hvar, everything is pretty much within a walking distance.


The first day we took a taxi boat from Hvar port (in front of our house) to Pakleni Island. This island is in front of Hvar and has few beaches. We stopped at Zdrilica, walk through the rock a found a nice spot just for us.

The second day we decided to rent a small boat since you don´t need a license for it and spent the whole day sailing between beaches in a our cute little boat. Starting with Jerolim, Carpediem, Mlin, Zdrilica, etc.

During the evenings, after watching the sunset at some random spot in the island, we had dinner at different places in Hvar town. Don´t stay just in the main square, get into the small streets, take long walks through the lavender island.


  • Don´t be afraid of renting a small boat in the island, even if you have never sailed before, they give you a short induction and the boat goes really slow
  • There are a few ATM around the town. Get cash once you get there or before since there is only a few places that accept credit card, and of course, don´t even think about using your American Express here
  • You also have the option to visit the Citadel at the top of the hill and watch the sunset from there

Dubrovnik Port


My Room View. (waking up like this is heavenly)HvarHvarHvarHvar

From ZdricaHvarHvarHvarHvar


Walking around HvarHvarHvarHvar

Our little BoatHvarHvarHvar

In one of our daily PicnicsHvar

Did you find these recommendations useful? let me know how was your trip.

Enjoy HVAR!

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