La Neomudejar Museum

Thanks to an advertisement on Instagram I visited the photographic exhibition of Manu Brabo (Pulitzer Prize 2013) called “Un día cualquiera”, which will be in this particular museum until December 3rd, 2017. This temporary exhibition is a photographic journey through the wars, conflicts and revolutions that have marked the beginning of the 21st century in the Middle East: Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq. Apart from the impressiveness of this exhibition, the museum itself left us speechless. It is a center of arts, […]

Quinta de los Molinos Park

This park includes large expanses of woodland, where we can find a large number of species (olive, pine, eucalyptus), although the star of the park are the almond trees, which flower in February and March, offering a fantastic show.

The Capricho Park

I have finally visited this park and I think I did it the best way: with a guided tour organized by the guys from Madrid Low Cost.  These guys organize different visits every now and then to different places in Madrid, as well as parties and events. In this case the visit was free and then we could donate whatever we wanted for the recent earthquake that Mexico suffered. Here is my attempt to “summarize” the history of this park. Which I […]