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Travelling in US During Covid19

As you probably already know, we live in Houston (for now) and this summer (2020) we did a road trip from Houston to Colorado, for two reasons: we wanted to go there and we didn’t want to take any flights at this time, so this was the closest beautiful option that we had from Houston.

This was our experience during this roadtrip:

  • We have stayed in hotels, no airbnbs because usually you can’t cancel the airbnb last minute. Before entering to any of the hotels rooms, we desinfect EVERYTHING with Lysol, even though the hotels usually garantee that the rooms are desinfected
  • When hotels say “breakfast included”, now it’s a brown bag with either a cereal bar or a pastry, and maybe some fruit and water. We usually eat it as a midday snack and have breakfast somewhere else, so don’t pick a hotel based on the included breakfast cause you ain’t gonna get it
  • While you are staying in your room, noboday enters, so they won’t clean your room or change your towels unless you especifically asked them
  • Some hotel with pools are not applying any rules, some only let 1 family use it for 45min, then they clean it again before the next family. My recommendation is try to avoid pools or any other common area, especially indoor
  • Hotel’s gyms are closed
  • Many places are closed (museums, restaurants, tours, etc.). It is better to always check online before making any plans. Also, there are lots of places that are open but you’ll need reservation in advance. That happended to us for Emerald Lake trail and also Hanging Lake trail, although we ended up not going. Also, I wanted to go Denver Art Museum, which was open, but there weren’t tickets available the night before
  • All those tickets that you’ll need to book in advance, will also have an especific time to be use
  • In Colorado, everybody wears masks indoors, some in outdoors too. In general, people is being careful and respectful in this state
  • You can curbside in many, maybe all, open restaurants. Also, lots of them let you eat inside and have the tables separated, masks are mandatory for employees and usually for customers, except when you are actually eating. Also, they usually have a QR code that you can scan to check the menu, that way you don’t have to touch the menu

With all these said, I think we took a big risk during this trip and although Colorado is beyond beautiful, I don’t think it was worth risking our health for any trip. I think it’s time to be at home, at least in the US where cases are to the roof.

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