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Day 6-9: Monteverde – Montezuma

Our initial plan for yesterday or today was to enjoy the canopy (ziplines) or the forrest in Monteverde. But yesterday we decided to stop at the chocolate and coffee tour in La Fortuna and then with the issues on the road we arrived late to Monteverde. And, if we go today to those tours we will be going in the afternoon to Montezuma, probably with lots of rain. So, since we weren’t sure about going to the ziplines anyway, we decided to go straight to Montezuma after breakfast.

From Monteverde to Montezuma

It took us around 2 hours to go from our hotel in Monteverde to Punta Arenas, to then take the ferry to Paquera. We bought the tickets there for 840 colones per adult and 12000 per car (at that time, 2 adults and 1 car was 25$, paid with card).

If you want more details on the ferry, I recommend you checking Just don´t expect nice food on the ferry or in the waiting area, I think it is better to take some snaks with you.

From Paquera to Montezuma the road was tough. Google sent us through some river where there was no bridge or anything, but we managed to cross it. According to locals, there is another way where you don´t have to cross the river, but google sends everybody through the river, and locals actually enjoy watching the tourists getting stuck in the river, although they also help you if you need it.

By doing this, we broke the water deposit to clean the windshield, but a very nice guy helped us fixed it for 5$ (no ticket, but the car ensure paid us anyway).


We stayed at Casitas Sollevante, a beautiful and peaceful hotel (no breakfast included), with a pool with nice view to the sea.


Our room´s door

Francisco rented a bodyboard for 3 days for 18$, plus a deposit of 100$ (with credit card). From our experience, it is really easy to rent all types of boards in Costa Rica.

During our four days in Montezuma, we went to different beaches: Los Cedros, Malpais, Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa, Playa Tambor (very calm bay) and Playa Grande (for this beach you have to walk around 30-60minutes, depending on your pace, but I loved the whole path, it is beautiful, you can hear and maybe see monkeys, birds, iguanas, etc., and we were the only ones there).

We also ate at different restaurants, but here are the ones we liked: El Artesano (Montezuma), The Bakery (very nice bakery in Santa Teresa town), Casa Walter (Montezuma), Rocamar (a lovely place at the beach with some veggie options in Santa Teresa), Las Palmeras (Montezuma), Playa los Artistas (in Montezuma, and it look really nice but there was a cat, so I had to leave).

Our idea while in Montezuma was to visit also Isla Tortuga, but b

ecause it was usually raining during the afternoons, we decided to just enjoy the beaches in Montezuma and around, read on the beach and surf (Francisco, not me).

Another option while in this are is to stay in Santa Teresa, which is bigger and with more facilities (restaurants, surf shops, hotels, etc.), but I prefer Montezuma charms, which is very hippie. 

Gas stations are scarce in Montezuma and around. We found one in google maps that turned out to be some one house but he was actually selling gas…it was very weird but very funny and convenient to us.

Filling our tank in Montezuma

I honestly think that four days in Montezuma is too much, unless you really love to surf. But anyway we enjoyed our time there and have lots of nice memories.

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