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2nd Day: Carrapateira – Sagres Fortress

Today was one of those days where I work on calming my OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), because nothing went as planned due to the weather (something I can´t control, yet).

We woke up early (around 9:00 am), went to have breakfast at the village (€ 4.7 each), and after waiting in line a long time we bought some snacks in the local market and decided to pass near Praia Bordeira, but as it was cold (22 degC) and foggy, we decided to change our plans and go to Sagres Fortress, hoping that the weather was a little better down there, which it was at first, but then it turned foggy when visiting Cabo de São Vicente.

Sagres Fortress

From Sagres Fortress


Sagres’ fortress offers breathtaking views over the sheer cliffs, and all along the coast to Cabo de São Vicente. According to legend, this is where Prince Henry the Navigator established his navigation school and primed the early Portuguese explorers.”
“Five kilometres from Sagres, you´ll find Cabo de São Vicente, Europe’s southwesternmost point, the last piece of home that Portuguese sailors once saw as they launched into the unknown. It’s a spectacular spot: at sunset you can almost hear the hissing as the sun hits the sea. A red lighthouse houses the small but excellent Museu dos Faróis, showcasing Sagres’ role in Portugal’s maritime history.”
From: Lonely Planet


Lighthouse, Cabo de São Vicente

Close to Cabo de São Vicente

Since we weren’t able to see very well the Cape imposing cliffs, we decided to do a tour around the beaches of the area, but without staying long time in each of them: Praia Castelejo, Praia do Cordoama and Praia Bordeira, until we decided to go for lunch at the same place as we did yesterday in Carrapateira, called Microbar (€ 10 each).

In the afternoon the weather had improved a bit and we went to Praia da Arrifana so Francisco would surf for a while, while I read a book on the beach.
Francisco was a little distressed because he felt the pressure to show me the best of his country, sadly we did not have the best weather these days, but I really enjoyed it. We rested and shared time together. I read a whole big book. And reading a good book by the sea, with a sweater on, also has its charm, and if you add a few berlin balls (cream filled donut typical from Portugal), even better.

Praia da Arrifana

At 17:00 we went back to Praia do Amado to continue surfing and reading, and ended up enjoying the sunset from a bar that was at the entrance of the beach.

Praia da Arrifana

We had dinner in Trigo Vermelho (15 € each): spelled pizzas. The restaurant had also its charm, it had many vegan options and the waiters had “fracking off” shirts. Here I tried “amarguinha” (almond liqueur with lemon, typical of the Alentejo).
We slept again at Carrapateira Lodge (60 € per night).

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