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1st Day: From Madrid to Bucharest

We left Madrid at 16:10 with Ryanair and carrying only a handbag to travel light. After four hours flying, we arrived in Bucharest airport at 21:00 (local time). A representative from Klass Wagen (car rental company) was waiting for us to indicate us how to take the shuttle to pick up the car (very easy).

We paid 505€ for 6 days of car rental. Insurance included, unlimited km, automatic car and a comfortable car for 4 people (european size).

Since we know this day was more about flying and renting the car, we found a hotel close to the Airport (outside the city). At 22:30 we were at our hotel Vila Toparceanu to then took the car and have dinner in La Iancu, 8 minutes away by car from our hotel.

Hotel Vila Toparceanu

La Iancu Restaurant

Service was very nice, and the food was acceptable. We paid 8€ per person including some beers. At 00:00 we were ready to sleep.

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