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1st Day: Madrid to Jerusalem

Our day started as a normal working Friday in Madrid at 7:00am, but this time with the amazing anxiety we get before traveling to an unknown place. 

Our flight was direct from Madrid to Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv) with Iberia, leaving at 10:35 am and arriving on Tel Aviv at 16:25. The flight was really good, lots of empty seats to lay over, good meal in terms of airlines meals and the best part is that we only paid 250 €

Once we arrived, the control was easier and faster than expected, but we waited around 40 minutes for the bags. In the control, they gave us a blue card that you have to keep until you leave Israel, it is important that you don´t lose it since it is your proof of entry.

After getting some cash (800 ILS = approx 200€)   from the ATM and a Sim Card (169 ILS = 42€) at the airport´s bookstore, we took a shared taxi (called Sherut) to Jerusalem, since according to the information center is the best way to go to Jerusalem (it was Shabbat and buses don’t work this day). Apparently these shuttles are always available to go to Jerusalem when there are flights arriving.

We paid 61 ILS (15€) for the ride to Jerusalem that last around 1 hour. Met our lovely airbnb host (136€ for 3 nights in a double room with shared bathroom) that was waiting for us to show us the room and give us the keys. The place is really comfortable, big enough, with the bathroom close to the room and the location was great. Gayla, our host, gave us a map she did herself with the recommended places. 

Our Jerusalem´s Airbnb Our Jerusalem´s Airbnb Our Jerusalem´s Airbnb Our Jerusalem´s Airbnb

Since we ended up arriving at 19:00 and starving, we went first to Menza restaurant, 400m from the apartment but they were full and kindly recommended us to go to Link, wonderful idea because we had an amazing dinner: roasted eggplant with tomatoes, lamb and pine nuts kebabs with mashed potatoes and a delicious dessert: Pecan Pie. Totally recommended. Also we realized they have dinner early compared to Spain, so I’ll suggest to start looking for places for dinner not later than 19:30.

First dinner in Israel First dinner in Israel

We paid 238 ILS (59€, plus 10% tips). Prices in Israel are close to prices in Spain, actually they could be a little higher.

It was raining and cold so we decided to take it easy and go back to our apartment to get some rest before visiting Bethlehem tomorrow.

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