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Preparing my trip to INDIA Part 1

It was October and I was taking some time off at home, with hot feet to organize my next trip. Where to go?

India has been in my mind for a long time but there was always something that makes me postpone my trip: not enough days off, company, time of the year….Now that I have enough time to plan my trip, it is time to go to INDIA.

I convinced Natalia to go with me (my loyal traveling companion) and we started looking for ideas and plans in different blogs, and after realizing that we would need 4-6 months to go to all the places we want to see of India, we decided to go only for 10 days to visit the “Golden Triangle”, as a start.

Me preparing the trip

I ran into Mahendra Singh in a couple of blogs, and it was impossible to find any negative comment about him and the guys who work with him. So, I contacted him and he offered me a good deal for holly week:

Day 1: Arrive and transfer to hotel Metropolitan. Sleep in hotel

Day 2: Visit Delhi and sleep in hotel Metropolitan

Day 3: Drive to Jaipur 270 Km, 5 hours, arrive, visit and sleep in hotel Lemon Tree

Day 4: Visit Jaipur and Amber. Sleep in hotel Lemon Tree

Day 5: Drive to Agra, 250 Km, 6 hours, in the route visit Abhneri and Fatehpur Sikri. Sleep in hotel  Radisson BLU

Day 6: Visit Agra. Evening train to Varanasi sleep in train

Day 7: Arrive and transfer to hotel Ramada

Day 8: Visit Varanasi and sleep in hotel Ramada

Day 9: After breakfast drive to airport, flight to Delhi, arrive and transfer to hotel and sleep in hotel Metropolitan 

Day 10: Visit Delhi and flight back to Spain

Everything for 550euros per person, including 24hr car and driver available, gas expenses, 4-5 stars hotels with breakfast included, train from Agra to Varanasi and Flight from Varanasi to Delhi.

Next step….BOOK A FLIGHT

We searched for flights at and paid 530 euros for our flight with Lufthansa from Madrid to Delhi. Usually, it is recommended to apply for the visa before booking the flights, but since we are “regular” people, with “regular” jobs, we thought the odds of not getting the visa were too little.

In our case, we first had the dates booked and then we decided where to go, taking into account budget, weather, etc.


So, we know what we want to visit, we have a plan and we booked the flight…Lonely Planet bought. Of course, after such a good plan, some other friends cheered up and booked the flight too.


Check the second part of this post to get ready to go to INDIA!.

Lonely Planet to India

Lonely Planet to India


Next post: Preparing my trip to INDIA part 2

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