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2 Restaurants in Bucharest

Due to work, I had to go to Romania twice for over 2 weeks each time. I spent most of that time at the field, very close to a town called Moreni.

Moreni is a very sovietic looking town, that I have probably never planned to visit if it wasn’t for my work. However, I don’t regret doing it because it was a nice way to share time with locals and learn from their culture, and who would have said that after weeks there, I would end up enjoying their breakfasts and learning how to use the bow.

A couple of years after having to work in Romania, I did a road trip in this country, with my in laws, that gave me a good taste of Romania.

Anyway, to get to the field, I had to sleep one night in Bucharest and that’s how I tried these two restaurants, that were also recommended from locals:

The restaurant that all Romanians recommend going to in Bucharest. Its Neo-Gothic building, as well as the restaurant itself, has more than 130 years.

The house specialty is the very slowly roasted pork knuckle with braised sour cabbage, polenta, horseadish and a chili pepper. Also, house beer is pretty good. 

My honest opinion: it’s not my type of food (all Romanian food in general), but all my colleagues loved it, and I think this is one of the best place to try the traditional Romanian food. 

Caru´cu bereCaru´cu bere

Also a great option for the traditional Romanian food, with live music. It is located next to the national bank but off a bit from the main streets of the old city. Definitely worth a visit.

Terasa Domnei

Poftă bună! (or Bon Appetite)

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