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2 days in Dubai

Dubai was not in my priority list but it is a common stop if you are travelling from Europe to Asia. So, we decided to stay 2 nights in the City before heading to Indonesia.

It was August and I read it was going to be very hot, but I never imagine that level of heat. I couldn’t believe it. We even had to rent a car cause it was impossible to even walk to the bus station. When we wanted to take a picture, we had to countdown the seconds to get out of the car at the same time, run to take the picture and be back in the car quickly.

So, if by any chance you have to go to Dubai in August, which I don’t recommend it at all, take some light clothes, sun screen, hat, tissues for your face, umbrella, drink plenty of water, etc.


Hotel Atlantis

To visit in Dubai:

  • Atlantis hotel in Palm Island
  • Burj al Arab: apparently it is not worth paying to enter. The beach next (Jumeira Beach) to it was like 40 ºC, it was incredible to touch such hot sea water
  • There is a viewpoint in Marina Mall, next to the Mc Donald’s, with an incredible view of the skyscrapers
  • Souk en Madinat

    Desde el mirador de Marina Mall

    From Marina Mall

  • Watch the sunset and/or the light show from Burj Khalifa (tallest building till the moment)
  • Dubai Mall aquarium. For 60 dollars you have the entrance to the Burj Khalifa and the aquarium. I recommend buying the ticket online to book the sunset hours
  • Wild Wadis Water ParkI didn’t have time to go, but I read it’s really cool
  • Dubai Mall

Other tips:

  • Hop on/Hop off Big bus 60$ per day. We payed for this bus the first day before coming with the idea of renting a car. We kind had to do it because it was Ramadan and we couldn’t eat or drink in any public space during sun hours, but the tourist bus. And because our main target of the trip was Indonesia, we didn’t do much research before going to Dubai

    Dubai Mall

    Dubai Mall

  • Besides the weather, renting a car might be good idea because gas is cheap and it’s an easy city to drive
  • We stayed at hotel Movenpick, because it was close to the airport. 80$ per night for 2, breakfast included. Taxi from the airport was 35 AED.
  • When you stop in Dubai for more than 8 hours, and you are travelling with Emirates, you can get a 96hours visa at the airport, of course depending where you are from, which in my case, my passport was Venezuelan at that moment. Also, one of my friend had an Israel stamp on her passport but thankfully they only noticed it when we were getting out of Dubai so the officer was only impressed on how they let her in the country
  • Personally I would not plan a trip to go to Dubai only. It is probably far away and since you don’t need a lot time to visit it, I would recommend visiting Dubai when you have to stop there to go somewhere else
Playa frente al Burj Al Arab

Beach next to Burj Al Arab


The view from Burj Khalifa

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